Laughing Grape Publishing ‘usually’ ships within 3 business days after order is received (but there occasionally can be exceptions)!

But after it’s handed over the Post Office, we have no control. Contact your Post Office, not LGP, if you have concerns or questions about its arrival where you are.

FRIENDLY NOTE: if you have not updated the address you have on PayPal, and thus the book goes to the wrong place, we will not take responsibility for its loss.  It is your responsibility to keep your address updated on PayPal. If it comes back, we will need to collect funds from you for shipping again. 

Shipping & Handing Costs (One Book):

United States: *(See note below prices about Media)

  • Priority Mail (USPS states 3-5 days, but we have no control over that)
    Overall, it’s faster shipping/better treatment/recommended for speed
  • Media Mail
    **Warning: Media mail is much slower—and seems to take the longest to get to the East Coast for some–sometimes more than a week or two; packages occasionally manhandled and sometimes lost. Use at your own risk, because we aren’t responsible for what the PO does.

Canada (sorry, USPS provides NO tracking): **(See Note below the prices about shipping to Canada)

  • First Class Parcel International (much slower, no tracking)
  • Priority International Mail (USPS states 6-10 business days, but customers say it takes a little longer. Not always tracking.)
    NOTE: some Canadians have reported to LGP that First Class took a good month to arrive due to the book being held in customs. Customs also seems to delay Priority, however not as badly. Call your PO, not LGP, if there are questions.

International (Europe and Australia–sorry, USPS provides no tracking outside of the US): **(See important note below prices)

  • First Class Parcel International, no tracking, slower.
  • Priority International, Tracking is available as it moves from local PO here to last place in the US, then it stops once it gets on the plane and arrives there….but faster than First Class.
    NOTE: Be patient. All books have always arrived but may be slower than you like due to customs and distance. Contact your local Post Office, not LGP.
  • NOTE THAT SHIPPING COST ONLY GOES UP BY SMALL AMOUNTS for 2 or 3 books, so it’s actually cheaper, shipping-wise, when you buy 2 or 3 books. Hooray!!


Make SURE the address we receive via PayPal is accurate. Some people don’t check and notice that they have an old address!! If you fail to send us the correct address, we cannot and will not be responsible for its mis-delivery, and you agree to that by using Laughing Grape Publishing. It is your responsibility.


Laughing Grape Publishing is responsible to be timely in getting the book to the Post Office. We value that for you. After that, if you fail to receive your book (extremely rare) or receive a banged up package (rare but it happens), contact your local Post Office, not LGP. It becomes their responsibility after the book is in their hands and out of ours


Remember to check Canada for Canadian addresses, or International for any country other than the US and Canada.

ABOUT SHIPPING TO AUSTRALIA: Delivery times to Australia vary for a few reasons: the departure point of the goods within the US make a different (east/mid/west); the carriers then allocate the freight according to the service level rate paid for by the consumer and available space, then of course it flies over and that takes a little time, then it arrives to Australia (generally) on the east coast for Customs/Quarantine clearances. The freight is then taken for distribution by the carrier or their agent, and then you’ll get delivery accordingly. With any type of transport (road/air/sea) it all about the rates, space, clearances and paperwork… lots of paperwork!! Have patience. It can take time, unfortunately.

ABOUT SHIPPING TO SOUTH AFRICA: LGP has noticed that something seems to go wrong a lot with the SA postal service. Books either don’t get delivered or are sent back. Not always though. Just an FYI.