Shipping Information

When does my order go out?

Laughing Grape Publishing ‘usually’ ships within 1-3 “business days” after an order is received.  Weekend days don’t count in this. But as true of life, there can occasionally can be exceptions to when it goes out, but not often. 

Can you tell me when I will receive my order?

We cannot. We are just the Distributor who receives your order, prepares the package, prints and attaches the label, and hands it over to the US Post Office. Then it’s in the hands and responsibility of USPS. Contact your Post Office, not LGP, if you have concerns or questions about its arrival where you are. We do know that in the US or Canada, Priority will get it there far faster than Media Mail (US) or First Class (Canada). PLEASE NOTE: THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC HAS SLOWED DOWN ALL POSTAL SERVICES!! But everything has eventually arrives. 

I paid by Paypal. Are there any issues with that?

Overall no issues. Paypal has usually worked fine if you have the funds within it! Make sure that the address you have on PayPal has been updated, though.

I’d like to pay via eCheck. Tell me about that.

As you follow the prompts, it will take you to a page that shows many bank logos that can be used for an eChecks. If you don’t see your bank. try searching in the search box, then scrolling down. If you don’t see your bank there either, you will have to exit at the bottom.

I’d like to pay via Credit Card. Is that workable?

Credit cards work great as long as your credit card company agrees with your charge amount, or it’s a bad credit card, or whatever reason.

Can anything go wrong with my order?

Only if you fail to provide your correct address. Look at it carefully!! We will not take responsibility if your book goes to the wrong address that you provided. It is your responsibility to put in a CORRECT address. If it comes back, we will need to collect funds from you for shipping again.  If USPS rejects your address, we will contact you.

I am in the US. Which shipping is fastest?

Priority Mail is fastest and also includes tracking within the US. USPS states 2 or 3 days for most destinations, but that is NOT a promise. We are just repeating what USPS states. Media can be much slower to certain areas in the US. There is NO tracking for First Class.

I am in Canada. Can you talk about First Class vs Priority International?

First Class is less expensive but slower—some Canadians have reported a month, probably due to customs. But others have gotten it a little faster. Priority can take a “minimum” of 6-10 days, say USPS, but we’ve seen it take longer.

I am in Europe or Australia. Can you talk about shipping there?

When you see First Class offered, there is no tracking and it may be slower. Priority has tracking, but it stops once the package is on the plane. You’ll have to be patient. And remember, once it’s out of our hands, talk to your local post office with questions.

What is the difference between Laughing Grape Publishing and the United States Postal Service?

We are literally two different entities. Laughing Grape Publishing is a private company responsible to receive your order, print the label (some issues may cause us to handprint it out on the package), package the products, and take the package to the US Post Office. USPS is the shipper and connected to the US government. If you fail to receive your book (extremely rare) or receive a banged up package (rare but it happens), contact your local Post Office, not LGP. It becomes their responsibility after the book is in their hands and out of ours


ABOUT SHIPPING TO AUSTRALIA: Delivery times to Australia vary for a few reasons: the departure point of the goods within the US make it different (east/mid/west); the carriers then allocate the freight according to the service level rate paid for by the consumer and available space, then of course it flies over and that takes a little time, then it arrives to Australia (generally) on the east coast for Customs/Quarantine clearances. The freight is then taken for distribution by the carrier or their agent, and then you’ll get delivery accordingly. With any type of transport (road/air/sea) it all about the rates, space, clearances and paperwork… lots of paperwork!! Have patience. It can take time, unfortunately.

ABOUT SHIPPING TO SOUTH AFRICA: LGP has noticed that something seems to go wrong a lot with the South African postal service. Books either don’t get delivered or are sent back. Not always though. Just an FYI. We will NOT be responsible for what your postal service does.