Frequently Asked Questions

I am having problems ordering. What do I do?

  1. Problems with ordering are rare, but if you have them, there are three potential solutions: 1) refresh your page, or 2) update your browser, or 3) try a different browser, or 4) contact PayPal if there problem is once you get on there.
  2. Get a good friend or family member to do it for you using their PayPal, and you can pay them back.
  3. Print out the Order from and send US Check, US Money Order or US cash.

How do I know whether or not my order was received by LGP and processed?

You will see a Thank you page on here right after your order has been received. PayPal will also send you a notice of the payment if you gave them the correct email address. Check your Spam box if you didn’t see the PayPal notification.

What is your shipping procedure?

All the books are in stock and shipped within 1-2 business days of your order. If there is any issues otherwise, you’ll hear from us.  We use the United States Postal Service shipping. If you have any problems with speed of shipping or condition of packaging of book received, you need to contact USPS rather than LGP. Those are their issues. For more information about shipping times and practices, please see the Shipping page.

What is your Privacy Policy?

The information we receive from you via PayPal is only used for shipping purposes and we do not share your private information with third parties under any circumstance. All other standard privacy laws apply.

What’s your Return Policy?

Book can be returned within 7 days only of receiving it, and must be returned in its original condition: spine tight, mint cover and mint interior. No exceptions to the mint condition, as this is a publishing company, not a retail store. Book must be accompanied with a copy of your PayPal notification. Refund will be issued via PayPal once LGP confirms that the item is in new, unused, tight spine, no-crease condition. Customer will pay shipping to return it. Refund will consist of cost of book only, minus 20% stocking fee.