Lab Values Reference Card


Now you can purchase a very handy reference card, 4″x8″, to see where lab results should be based on years of experiences and observations!  Lab results are NOT about falling anywhere in the “normal” range. Perfect for YOU, or order one to hand to your doctor, friend or family members. These cards are SEEDS. See more information below.  NOTE: due to a glitch for those International OUTSIDE of the US, our system is only showing the ridiculous HIGH Priority cost for a card(s). So order a book AND a card, and we will insert the card into the book with no shipping glitch going on.  Includes tracking. 



Hooray!! Now you can own this handy Lab Values reference card!  It will show you where we know particular lab results need to be as far as being “OPTIMAL”.  Optimal means the good results will not go away like lower results will…sooner or later!

Understanding where our lab results should fall is crucial in getting well. Why? Because it’s not about falling anywhere in those ridiculous “normal” ranges, we have noticed for years. This two-sided reference card, 4″ x 8″ with different labs per side and painstakingly created by Janie A. Bowthorpe, M.Ed, is meant to be handy and within reach.

You can even use it as a bookmark in your new Stop the Thyroid Madness books, whether the updated revision of Stop the Thyroid Madness, the STTM II book, or the book Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast! If you want all three, choose the Bundle option.

You can also use these cards as seeds, giving them to your doctor, or friends or family who need the information . NOTE: if your order is BOTH a book and card, we always insert the card within the back pages of the book. LOOK!! 🙂 

NOTE: Are you NOT in the US?? We are NOT able to send a card order via the cheaper First Class International. There is a glitch going on that only shows the horribly high Priority rate!! So ORDER A BOOK, plus the card, and we can then insert it in the book, and no glitch going on with shipping. 


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