Return Policy and Procedures

Read carefully and thoroughly, as these are the strict policies. We hold you responsible to have searched for this (it’s also on the bottom of every page) and thoroughly read it, or contacted LGP as to the policy of return. If you didn’t do any of the latter, the below still holds firm. 

  1. Book(s) or cards can be returned within 7 days of their delivery to your house or location. No exceptions.
  2. Book(s) must be returned in its original condition: spine tight, mint cover, clean pages, no crease on cover from opening it (opening books can be seen), cover lays flat when on a surface. No exceptions to the mint condition, as we do not refund any form of used or damaged books. The Lab Values card(s) must also be returned in their original condition–no bends or creases, no scratches, no marks, clean. They should be sent back in a good envelopes which protects them. 
  3. Customer will pay shipping to return book(s), and it’s strongly advised to use strong shipping materials to prevent damage on return.
  4. If we receive books or lab value cards that have issues contrary to the above, whether due to the customer’s use or due to poor return packaging by the customer causing damage, we cannot do a refund. If you want the book(s) sent back to you, we will need postage.
  5. Refund will consist of cost of perfect condition book(s) or cards only, minus 20% restocking fee. We cannot refund shipping—that’s between you and the post office.
  6. Refund will usually be done via the payment method you used, after books or cards are received in mint, unused condition. Or we can paypal the amount back to you if you provide that.
  7. Note: since First Class has no tracking like Priority does, we cannot refund you if you claim you didn’t receive them. Talk to your post office.

Send mint condition, unused, and unread books or cards to:

Laughing Grape Publishing LLC
P.O. Box 1882
Estes Park, Co. USA 80517