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The world-renowned and life-changing “Bible of Thyroid Treatment” book, no matter the cause of one’s hypothyroidism, and based on years of reported patient experiences, observations, and wisdom in getting well: Stop the Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Thyroid Treatment

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STOP THE THYROID MADNESS: a Patient Revolution Against Years of Inferior Thyroid Treatment (Latest updated revision)

1) This world-renowned “bible of patient experiences and observations” which is now updated, continues to have the life-changing information, no matter your cause of hypothyroidism…

2) …but it now has numerous updates throughout where needed, and out-of-date information removed. 

3) Both adrenals chapters 5 and 6 have been updated a great deal about the use of Adrenal Cortex (ACE), while still having info about hydrocortisone (HC). Chapter 6 now mentions what information applies to either ACE or HC, or BOTH. Both mention the importance of saliva cortisol rather than blood.

4) The T4 chapter now mentions Tirosint, a gel form of T4, but continues to explain the problem of forcing the body to live for conversion alone, whether gel or not. That fact will not change.

5) There are now light gray rectangular boxes throughout the book, meant to highlight certain important sentences of information. 

6) Emphasis is now on serum iron. i.e. the former book would mention both iron/ferritin, but we now know that it’s far more about serum iron as far as what to make “optimal”. The emphasis about ferritin is more about its ability to reveal inflammation, but can reveal a methylation issue when low with good or high iron.

7) Examples of more changes:

a) Updated information about different kinds of iron products
b) Better explanations around what was already good in the previous book
c) Some new tidbits at the end of some chapters
d) Some updates to the list of thyroid meds
e) A variety of other updates throughout the book
f) Additional information about Hashimoto’s 

8) Throughout the book are many more mentions about being “optimal”, not just “on” NDT or T4/T3. Without being optimal, it all eventually backfires.  The individuality is when it backfires. t’s also explained often what optimal means in those several places in the book.

9) There are additions to the list of supplements as well as certain foods. 

10) The chapter on Natural Desiccated Thyroid now has a little photo of an antique bottle of NDT--that’s to show that having T3 in our treatment has been helping patients a long time and safely! This book also mentions the alternative treatment with synthetic T4/T3. Plus various updates throughout while keeping what was always IMPORTANT.

NOTE: Ignore the part in Chapter 2 that said NP Thyroid still works. It was later recalled due to lots of problems in 2020. 

Chapter Titles

Preface: (a personal explanation of how the STTM, worldwide patient-to-patient movement came into place)

Introduction: My Story (all the personal misery that happened to me while on Synthroid and Lexoxyl, applying for Social Security Disability, and my switch to desiccated thyroid)

Chapter One: Thyroxine T4-only Treatment Gets a Big Fat “F” (details on its use, poor results, history never before described, etc)

Chapter Two: So What Do Pigs Have To Do With It? (information on its use, composition, why it works, different brands, interesting history not revealed anywhere else)

Chapter Three: What Thyroid Patients Have Learned (detailed summary of what successful thyroid patients have learned on using desiccated thyroid and so much more)

Chapter Four: TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hooey (important information about one of the worst labs ever created to diagnose or dose by, and why; mention of one good use–to discern hypopituitary)

Chapter Five: Don’t Ignore Your Adrenals Glands: The Monkey Wrench In the Works (about adrenal problems, how it affects you, many steps you can do to know if you have a problem, using a saliva test, not blood, etc.)

Chapter Six: How to Treat Your Sluggish Adrenals (never seen details & breaking patient-to-patient information on treatment of such an inconvenient condition; more details on the use of ACE (adrenal cortex) vs HC (prescription hydrocortisone), all depending on one’s saliva test.

Chapter Seven: The Doctor Chapter (courageous and detailed direct message to medical professionals which can enlighten the patient)

Chapter Eight: The Reasons You May Be Hypothyroid (one of the most exhaustive lists of why you can have a thyroid problem)

Chapter Nine: When Your Thyroid Is Being Attacked: Hashimoto’s Disease (detailed and informative summary on Hashi’s and how patients treat it. Also directs you to the book Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast)

Chapter Ten: Join the YaYa Hypohood Psychiatrist Club (important details on mental health and thyroid, including depression, bi-polar and more)

Chapter Eleven: The 10 Biggies (more detailed summary of mistakes patients and doctors make while using desiccated thyroid and other issues)

Chapter Twelve: T3 is The Star of the Show (detailed information on the most important thyroid hormone-T3. Includes Reverse T3 issues; T3-only dosing, the CT3M review, and more)

Chapter Thirteen: Important Odds and Ends Related to Being Hypothyroid (summaries of more related issues to be aware of and treat, including ferritin and iron, iodine, thyroid cancer, and more)

Chapter Fourteen: Patients Have A Story to Tell (unique stories about patient successes)

Chapter Fifteen: Good Food, Good Supplements (great listing with explanations of both supplements and foods which thyroid patients appreciate–more additions in the updated revision)


A: Ingredients for Desiccated Thyroid Products
B: Vegetarian or Religious Restrictions on the Use of Pork
C: Lab work Definitions? How to Interpret and Explanations
D: Lab Facilities and How to Prepare
E: How To Find a Good Doctor
F: Interpreting Your Cortisol Saliva Lab Results (never before seen details)
G: Conversion Pathways
Glossary (with some humor–can you find all of them?)

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