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sttm2-en Stop the Thyroid Madness II How Thyroid Experts are Challenging Ineffective Treatments and Improving the Lives of Patients

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Editor: Janie A. Bowthorpe, M.Ed

Authors:Paige Adams NP, * Geoffrey T. Bouc MD, * Jeffrey Dach MD, * Lena D. Edwards MD, * Andrew H. Heyman MD, * Carla Heiser RD, * Paula H. Luber MD, * Benjamin D. Lynch ND, * Nguyen D. Phan MD, * Philip L. Roberts MD, * Yusuf M. (JP) Saleeby MD, * Laura R. Stone MD, * William D. Trumbower MD and * James C. Yang MD

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This brilliant book, written by 14 insightful medical practitioners and with a Foreword by David Brownstein MD, not only underscores what informed thyroid patients have learned (see the revised book Stop the Thyroid Madness), but gives the reader even more details about the following subjects:

  • The Integrative and Functional Medicine Approach to Thyroid Diseases
  • Stress, Your Adrenals, Your Thyroid and You
  • Thyroid Replacement Therapy: Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT)
  • The Unreliable TSH Lab Test
  • When Normal Ain’t Normal (all about lab results and their ranges)
  • Nutrition and Hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
  • Why Are Doctors Like That?
  • Gluten Intolerance and Thyroid Disease
  • Thyroid Toxicity
  • Moving Forward with Reverse T3: The Causes and Health Implications
  • MTHFR and Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Hypocortisolism: An Evidence Based Review

English ISBN: 978-9856154-3-7

About the Editor: Janie A. Bowthorpe M.Ed is a thyroid patient herself who suffered for twenty years thanks to the TSH lab test and T4-only treatment. After her life made a huge turnaround thanks to natural desiccated thyroid and treating other issues, she became a thyroid patient activist, author, blogger, phone coach, speaker and most importantly the Messenger of worldwide successful patient experiences and wisdom, represented by Stop the Thyroid Madness.

About the Authors: You can read about each practitioner by clicking on their photos here:

1-Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.05.26 PM

Janie Says:

“By late 2013, I knew it was time to create a fork in the road. Up until then, my focus was on patient-to-patient experiences and wisdom about better thyroid treatment. Then it hit me: I’ve succeeded!! I have a huge website filled with valuable information, an active and growing Facebook group (where none of the Likes are “purchased”, the best-selling book on better thyroid treatment, and many patient-only groups which are connected to STTM.

So….it was time to bring medical practitioners into the fold. Why?? Because I knew they could enrich and deepen our understanding about what we’d already learned, besides give us new gems to use in our path towards wellness. And more importantly, I KNEW that a physician-written book would be a huge impetus in getting the medical establishment to consider that perhaps….perhaps…they have it ALL WRONG in how to correctly treat hypothyroidism if their own colleagues are saying so!

And now we have that very book: Stop the Thyroid Madness II. These authors weave their intelligences, wit, insight and courage into a second STTM book classic—one which will turn the medical establishment on its ears!

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