Chapter Titles

Preface:    (a personal explanation of how the STTM, worldwide patient-to-patient movement came into place)

Introduction:    My Story (all the personal misery that happened to me while on Synthroid and Lexoxyl, applying for Social Security Disability, and my switch to desiccated thyroid)

Chapter One:    Thyroxine T4-only Treatment Gets a Big Fat “F” (details on its use, poor results, history never before described, etc)

Chapter Two:    So What Do Pigs Have To Do With It? (information on its use, composition, why it works, different brands, interesting history not revealed anywhere else)

Chapter Three:  What Thyroid Patients Have Learned (detailed summary of what successful thyroid patients have learned on using desiccated thyroid and so much more)

Chapter Four:     TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hooey  (important information about one of the worst labs ever created to diagnose or dose by,and why)

Chapter Five:      Don’t Ignore Your Adrenals Glands: The Monkey Wrench In the Works (about adrenal problems, how it affects you, many steps you can do to know if you have a problem, more details)

Chapter Six:        How to Treat Your Sluggish Adrenals (never seen details & breaking patient-to-patient information on treatment of such an inconvenient condition; includes a summary of the T3 Circadian Method to bring back better adrenal function without HC)

Chapter Seven:   The Doctor Chapter (courageous and detailed direct message to medical professionals which can enlighten the patient)

Chapter Eight:    The Reasons You May Be Hypothyroid (one of the most exhaustive lists of why you can have a thyroid problem)

Chapter Nine:      When Your Thyroid Is Being Attacked: Hashimoto’s Disease (detailed and informative summary on Hashi’s and how patients treat it)

Chapter Ten :      Join the YaYa Hypohood Psychiatrist Club (important details on mental health and thyroid, including depression, bi-polar and more)

Chapter Eleven:   The 10 Biggies (more detailed summary of mistakes patients and doctors make while using desicccated thyroid and other issues)

Chapter Twelve:   T3 is The Star of the Show (detailed information on the most important thyroid hormone-T3. Includes Reverse T3 issues; T3-only dosing, and more)

Chapter Thirteen : Important Odds and Ends Related to Being Hypothyroid  (summaries of more related issues to be aware of and treat, including ferritin and iron, iodine, thyroid cancer, and more)

Chapter Fourteen : Patients Have A Story to Tell (unique stories about patient successes)

Chapter Fifteen:  Good Food, Good Supplements  (great listing with explanations of both supplements and foods which thyroid patients appreciate)


A: Ingredients for Desiccated Thyroid Products
B: Vegetarian or Religious Restrictions on the Use of Pork
C: Lab work Definitions? How to Interpret and Explanations
D: Lab Facilities and How to Prepare
E: How To Find a Good Doctor
F: Interpreting Your Cortisol Saliva Lab Results (never before seen details)
G: Conversion Pathways
Glossary (with some humor–can you find all of them?)